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Sands Centre, Carlisle

We rolled up in the afternoon after a long, long journey along our second homes (the M1 and the M6) to find great auditorium staffed by friendly, helpful people. Always a good omen. In fact such a good start I have nothing to whinge about this time! It's heartwarming to be treated like a fellow human for a change but, trust me, quite often we're treated like we shouldn't be setting foot in their hallowed halls....... until we perform and the crowd go crazy. As this blog goes on I'm sure to be letting you know about a miserable side of touring theatres; times when we're met by disdainful staff who think we shouldn't be setting foot in their sacred domain because we're not Jim Davidson or the Bangkok Ladyboys.

The sound onstage was superb tonight, however, we were given the news in the interval that a six people walked out because "it was too loud" We used to take things like that to heart but now, after getting hundreds of five star reviews and standing ovations (something which still surprises us in a very pleasing way)we realise some people simply buy the wrong tickets and, although we're not trying to compete at all, let's not forget why The Who were in the Guinness Book of Records! A little welcome break now to spend a week with our families before we roll on down south to Portsmouth, Wimborne and Hastings.

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