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"We're all set to get back on the road mid-August but there's a lot  to be done behind the scenes before then so gardening, writing and fly-fishing take a back seat once more! 

"We  weren't expecting to start touring until August Bank Holiday this year but who knew what was about to happen?! The best-laid plans of .......    as they say.

We are so humbled by the fantastic reviews you gave us throughout 2018/19  - and the many comments that we're the best tribute band to The Who ever ever in existence! - they've given us great motivation to 'hang on in there'  - and we're now arranging dates throughout UK and Europe for 2024  with our new show 'The Who Tribute' 

 Promising our usual mayhem and madness as we take you on a journey through The Who's awesome back catalogue, with a few surprises here and there to keep the die-hard fans happy.

We can't wait for 2021 - bring it on!"

Final Quadrophenia show - Brighton 2019

After about 80 shows we finished the tour  at, Concorde 2 venue, Brighton sea front on August Bank Holiday and what a high for us! With everyone out for a good time the atmosphere around the town was incredible with thousands of Mods and scooterists in the finest weather you could hope for . We are having a wonderful time knowing that the show has already sold out but then to top it all we were so honoured to have some real cool guests turn up! Can you imagine the buzz as one of your all time crushes dances and sings every word of the show in front of you?!? AND the stars of the film in the wings?!?

The Goldhawks aftershow with actors Jane Horrocks, Phil Daniels, Trevor Laird and Danny Webb

"Backstage after the show the champagne corks were flying as the band took a few minutes to unwind. Here we have Trevor Laird, Doug Freeman, Jane Horrocks (Ab Fab) and Danny Webb (alien 3, Dr Who amongst many other roles) and on the end the fabulous Phil Daniels."

(Courtesy of Ian Bourn Photography and Scene Sussex)  Read full story here.

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